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School can be stressful, and we're here to make online education an engaging experience. Inspirit's online 3D platform offers an immersive, online learning experience. You'll have access to free online courses from instructors from around the globe, live classes, and study sessions.

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VR-Based STEM Learning For Students

Here at Inspirit, we believe that science and technology are deeply engaging when taught the right way and we're here to provide you with some of the best ways to learn. Experience social and practical learning through our detailed study guides, live study sessions, virtual labs and much more. Join our Discord community for access to internship and career opportunities, study groups, and a space to meet other students from around the globe!

Up Your Teaching Game With Interactive Learning Modules

Teaching the same materials off of a powerpoint can be repetitive and mundane. Inspirit is here to mix it up for you! Our interactive, 3D rooms make for the perfect settingto take your teaching to the next level. Create your own virtual, gamified classrooms to make both teaching AND learning equally fun! If you've always wanted to teach your labs on a spaceship, we're here to help.

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Study guide preview
Study guide preview

Explore Hundreds of Detailed Study Guides

Whether you’re studying or teaching General, AP or CBSE Biology - we’ve got you covered. Check out our catalog of catered guides for any exam or learning style you may be interested in. And of course, they are all 100% FREE!

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If you’re a student looking for the best learning experience possible, join our Premium subscription for just $5/mo! You'll have access to unlimited study sessions, our premium Discord community, private tutoring, chat Q&A, and much more!

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