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Inspirit is the ultimate 3D and VR science toolkit for teachers, with a mission to make learning science immersive and engaging for all.

Why immersive learning?

In a world where attention spans are dwindling down to an average of 8 seconds and Roblox and Tiktok are king, teachers and students deserve instructional tools that are designed to work with them instead of against them.

Backed from the start with research conducted at Georgia Tech and Stanford University, Inspirit developed an immersive learning platform that combines the best of both 3D and VR instruction in a meaningful way. Our platform solves the following challenges that educators across the globe face:

of instructors are looking for better ways to engage students.

more time for a teacher to illustrate a STEM concept without interactive content


of Gen-Z students who start any online course do not complete it*
Immersive learning tools like 3D and VR are proven to dramatically increase learning retention and engagement, keeping students 5X more engaged.*
That’s why we created Spirits- 3D and VR immersive learning tools like models, simulations, and slides that teachers love and keep students engaged.
How do I get started?
Join the 275K+ educators and students using thousands of 3D models, simulations, and immersive learning resources. Bring Inspirit to your school today!
”This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen in science education.”

Jessica, educator in NY

Our Story

Inspirit was founded in 2019 by two college friends with a mutual desire to revolutionize the way future generations learn science virtually.

Co-founders Aditya Vishwanath and Amrutha Vasan studied the impacts of learning science through VR together during their undergraduate careers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Their ongoing research at Stanford University developed into a creator-focused platform where users learn science by doing instead of reading or watching. Realizing the digital divide between privileged and marginalized communities would limit the enormous potential of 3D and VR in STEM education to only a select few, their vision thus evolved to not only create powerful, high-quality 3D & VR STEM resources, but to also make them freely accessible to all regardless of social or economic circumstance.

Inspirit now provides thousands of research-backed 3D and VR STEM resources designed to educate and engage to over 40,000 educators and learners around the globe.


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