Cartilaginous Joints

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Cartilaginous joint

Cartilaginous joints are where the adjacent bones are joined by cartilage. The cartilage can be either hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage. Cartilaginous joints allow only a little movement. The pubic symphysis is capable of a slight movement: up to 2 mm shift and 1° rotation.

Hip bones

The hip is a junction that helps join the legs to the body's trunk. The pubic symphysis is a fibrocartilaginous disc joint sandwiched between the hip bones. It is made of two kinds of cartilage and four ligaments.

Sacrum & Coccyx

The pelvic girdle is a bony ring formed by the right and left hip bones, the coccyx, and the sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone with five fused segments. The very lowest part of the spine, below the sacrum, is a triangle of bones called the coccyx (vestigial tail).