Pitcher Plant

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Pitcher lid

The leaf apex is modified into a lid and keeps dust, rainfall, and other impurities from entering the interior pitcher, as well as lowering pitch fluid evaporation.

Digestive Zone

It is a part of the modified leaf lamina and contains many digestive glands that produce the pitcher fluid, which aids in the final digestion, absorption, and transport of prey into nutrients.


It is a part of the modified leaf lamina. It is a highly slippery portion of the plant that causes insects and other prey to slide into the lower part of the pitcher. It is brightly colored and can produce nectar and fragrance to attract prey.

Waxy zone

It is a part of the modified leaf lamina and has wax crystals on its surface to successfully trap and prevent prey's escape.

Leaf base

A slightly expanded area where the pitcher (a modified leaf) attaches to the stem.


The slender stalk by which the pitcher (a modified leaf) is attached to the stem.