VR Developer

Full-Time| Mumbai, India


Inspirit is a dynamic startup founded in the USA. We are an immersive technology company that uses the power of virtual reality to boost learning and critical skill development in learners around the globe. We offer a VR platform with an ever growing collection of 400+ immersive and interactive VR experiences across K12 science and math common core. Working with Stanford Education and VR researchers, our content is built to stimulate high knowledge gain, deep engagement, and critical reasoning in learners through their active involvement in virtual environments. We partner with K12 institutions across the US to bring immersive VR content to schools and the home.

Who Are You?
VR Developer - Full Time (Mumbai, India)

What Will You Do?
•  You will manage a team of Engineers and collaborate with our team of designers, animators and VR developers to create a VR platform in Unity
•  You will work closely with the Inspirit co-founders and engineering team to build a VR platform from scratch
•  You will plan, lead and execute all VR development projects from ideation to fruition
•  You will have the opportunity to take advantage of new opportunities in our dynamic startup and broaden your horizons to gain written, oral, communication and leadership skills

What Skills Do you Need to Succeed?
•  4-5 years of experience in Software Project Management and development in Unity
•  Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C++/C#
•  Extensive experience with at least one of the graphics APIs (Metal, OpenGL, Direct3D, Console, etc.)
•  Strong interest and experience in next generation rendering technology
•  You have strong leadership and communication skills
•  You are an excellent communicator and know how to work independently
•  You have the ability to give good, constructive, actionable feedback
•  You work with integrity and have a positive attitude

What Skills are Preferred?
• Knowledge of at least one shader programming language (Metal Shading Language, HLSL, GLSL)
• Excellent 3D math skills (linear algebra)
• Understanding of GPU HW pipeline and experience with GPU performance analysis and optimizations
• Experience in core C/C++ software development in rendering, lighting or other graphics-related tools.

When Do You Start?
September 2019

How Do You Apply?
Please send your resume and relevant links to a portfolio or past projects created by you to  info@inspiritvr.com. All applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please include  “Application: VR Developer” in your email title. If selected, you will be called for an on-site interview.

Just Remember…
All degree program graduates (B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, etc.) are invited to apply for this position. We do not require a minimum CGPA (if you are still enrolled in college), nor do we consider your CGPA during our application review. We are most interested in seeing your past projects and portfolio over anything else.