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Inspirit is an Indian private limited company that designs and develops immersive virtual reality and 360-degree video content with the goal of improving training and learning activities. Individuals and groups across all domains of work engage in learning tasks on a daily basis that play a critical role in personal and organizational growth. Our vision at inspirit is to leverage the affordances of VR as a new medium to enhance existing and create new learning outcomes. Our team comprises of technology experts, designers, and educators who have over 10 years of experience working with communities around the globe to design ground-up solutions to learning challenges. Bring VR to your organization today!


VR is a Technology and we are the Architects. What do we offer?

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Why Virtual Reality?

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Improved Memorization

VR increases factual knowledge retention and test scores

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Positive Behavior Change

VR enables learning through experiences which help boost positive behavioural patterns and reduce implicit and unconscious stereotyping.

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Inquiry-Based Learning

VR promotes deeper, critical thinking through building user engagement and confidence.

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Training and Simulation

VR affords the simulation of difficult real-life scenarios and experiences that can be used for training and experimentation.

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Now no place is far away; from up in the Arctic to deep inside Pacific, to seeing an elephant or a microbe. Just hop on and bring along your sense of wonder!

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Fueling Empathy

With perspective taking VR experience, we learn about the world beyond our own surroundings, thereby helping us not only see life through another lens but truly understanding and feeling through another perspective.