Teaching Children to Respect their Surroundings and the People Around Them


The study was conducted in an after-school centre run by a non-profit in Mumbai. The after-school centre in Mumbai was located in a suburb densely inhabited by migrant workers, earning 500 to 1500 Rupees a day. The students mainly spoke Hindi and Marathi, and had an intermediate English proficiency.


The students worked in teams for two weeks. They were introduced to VR and taught the various methodologies involved in making a VR film, from basic scripting to storyboarding and filming. The students filmed their projects in natural surroundings, understanding and overcoming the real life challenges of shooting and filming. The projects were then shared with other students in their school and their respective families.


Overall, the students were extremely enthusiastic and excited about shooting VR videos. Their interest was observed to have ebbed during the writing phase and peaked during the videography phase.


The students were found to have a higher level of confidence due to their creativity and ownership in creating their films. They also absorbed a deeper understanding of their surroundings through this exercise.