Immersive Learning for Everyone



Our mission is to democratize access to and creation of immersive virtual reality content for the design of enriching and engaging learning experiences.

inspirit is a virtual reality design consultancy with a global presence. We work with educational and corporate organizations to co-design and assist in the integration of VR-enhanced curricula into existing workflows and practices.

Our team comprises technology experts, designers, researchers, and educators who have extensive experience working with communities around the globe to design ground-up solutions and achieve learning goals. In the past, we've partnered with international non-profits and NGOs, corporations and manufacturing units, and over 20 schools and educational boards in the United States and India. Our approach relies on a strong human-centered design thinking+doing process; we work closely with our partners to tap into the potential of VR and offer meaningful VR-enhanced experiences that achieve the instructional value our partners are after, focusing on formal and informal learning experiences.