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Unlimited assignment sharing
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I bring Inspirit to my school?
Inspirit offers custom school plans tailored to fit your school's unique educational needs. To learn more, fill out this form and we'll contact you to set up a quick 15-minute chat on what we could offer your district. In addition, we offer a free 3D Certification Workshop where participants learn about the research-backed benefits of 3D teaching and practical ways to implement it into the classroom. Sign up here to see why administrators everywhere are raving about it!
What kind of customization tools does Inspirit offer?
Inspirit allows full customization of all Spirits in our content library (currently available in slide form to build out 3D presentations and virtual classrooms).
What happens to my creations if I switch plans?
If you switch from a premium to a free plan, you will no longer have access to unlimited Spirit storage (+ other features mentioned above)
Are there pre-made Spirits for my grade/subject?
How can I assign Spirits to my students?
To assign Spirits as an assignment to your students, click “assign” on any Spirit, connect to your Google Classroom roster OR share the link directly via other LMS systems where students can access and complete their assignments.
How can I use Inspirit to teach in my classroom?
You can use the Inspirit live feature to present the Spirit created and invite students to follow along on their personal devices.
How can I use inspirit asynchronously?
You can share a spirit as an assignment through Google Classroom for your students to complete independently.
Where can I find individual 3D models and simulations?
You can access all of our resources through the Spirit creator tool or on scrolling to the bottom of our site.