Power of
for Education and Skill Development


Behavior Change

VR not only helps students retain better but also through immersive and novel perspective-taking videos helps them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and empathy building, thereby boosting their EQ.


Knowledge Retention and Reinforcement

Our students reported higher grades on tests after using our VR content for 5-10 minutes every day of the week. The immersive fidelity of the medium supports higher memory retention and replication of factual and spatial knowledge.


Eliminates Language Barriers

Language differences can be challenging in today’s multicultural societies. If students want to study in a foreign country, they need to achieve fluency in a foreign language to be able to understand the material if they are taught in another language. With virtual reality, language translation can be built into the software and there will be no language barrier that can prevent students from achieving their educational goals. VR visualizations can be experienced in any language