Take your STEM learning into the metaverse

Inspirit’s futuristic, gamified VR classrooms make school so much more fun! We have TONS of educational content on our website - ranging from biology, chemistry, and physics to arts, math, and more. Join live, gamified, online VR sessions tailored to your interests, hosted by amazing instructors and educators from around the world, and engage with students just like you!

Inspirit Changes the Learning Game

Online learning can be overwhelming and can lack a sense of connectivity.
Inspirit is here to make practical and social learning possible!


Meet new friends and learn new things

Inspirit has a wonderful community of educators, students, and mentors who form a great support system. Through Inspirit"s community, you"ll be able to engage with high school and college students from all around the globe!

Join Our Discord

Our Discord community is a kind, vibrant, and safe space for you to ask questions or even vent about school! It also gives you unlimited access to internships and new career opportunities, events, study groups, discussions and more!


Join the Ambassador Program!

The Inspirit Ambassador Program is a program specifically curated for students to gain experience and recognition. With this program, you’ll get to help us showcase Inspirit’s platform within the educational community. Apply today to learn about marketing, sales and even get free access to Inspirit premium!