Mirror Parts

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Mirror and Lens

The mirror is a device based on the principle of reflection whereas the lens is based on the principle of refraction.

Paint Layer

The silver reflective coating is shielded from corrosion and abrasion by two coats of durable protective paint that are sprayed at the conclusion of the manufacturing process.

Copper Layer Film

It is conventional to protect the silver coating with an overcoating of copper to retard tarnishing of the silver layer. Silver is easily oxidised if exposed to air and turns grey and dark after a while.

Silver Reflective Layer

A mixture of silver nitrate solution and a special reducer is added next to the glass surface. The reaction between the silver and reducer forms the reflective silver surface and gives the mirror its sparkle and shine.

Flat Glass Mirror

The quality of a mirror depends first on the quality of the glass substrate. This glass is polished and washed free of any impurities and ready to be coated with the first layer.