Engaging 3D Slides that students love
Transform your next class with Inspiritโ€™s high-quality tools and resources that allow you to customize teacher-created and student-approved 3D lessons
Join 100K+ teachers and students who said goodbye to boring slideshows!
Bringing 3D into class has never been easier
With Inspirit's curriculum-aligned resources, create or edit existing 3D slideshows for immersive learning
Engage your students in a gamified environment
Use activities like simulations and quizzes to encourage exploration and learning in 3D
Instant feedback for meaningful learning
With real-time feedback, encourage students to explore, examine, and explain phenomena
Become a 3D-Certified Educator
Interested in learning more about education with 3D and XR? Get certified to teach in 3D
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Sign up for this one-hour course led by an experienced teacher and education technology researcher at Stanford University.
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A certificate of completion (PDF + LinkedIn)
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Lifetime access to the course
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Bring a 3D certification workshop to your school
Why 3D?
Experiential Learning
Experiential learning helps the brain build necessary connections for learning and knowledge retention
Boost Understanding
In a virtual space, practice and repetition boosts understanding of foundational STEM concepts
Cross cutting concepts
Models and simulations bring crosscutting concepts to life with scientific practices
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The spirit platform is so cool! I've never seen anything like it. I love the curriculum-aligned, pre-made content that you can also customize. The 3D models help to support students of all ages and skill-levels to explore and learn.

- Rosie, New York

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